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Does Your Food Have Light?

What follows on the exceptionally complex subject of light and how it pertains to the body is a topical overview only. The information being provided I myself have researched for over 30 years and am still only scratching the surface.… 0 Shares |

Cellulite Is Not A Genetic Problem

Cellulite is not a genetic malady or disorder. Cellulite is not a genetic problem and you do not have cellulite because your mother and grandmother have cellulite. The only thing that could possibly be hereditary with cellulite is having the… 0 Shares |

Are You Certain That You Want To Burn Calories?

Burn Calories? Why would anyone want to burn calories or burn fat? Because this is what the echo chamber that is now society has taught them, that is why. How can one actually burn calories might be a better question.… 0 Shares |

The Miracle That Is Potassium

If one were to take a plant and burn it to ash, and then take that ash and boil and evaporate it, the residue would be pot ash. Our extremely resourceful ancestors did just this. They once gathered plants, burned… 0 Shares |