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I am a nutrition professional with a focus on mental health and gut health. I am also passionate about getting nutrition information out to the public so that others can take charge of their own health instead of living on meds. I help others who have tried the medical route and who are often are worse off because of it. Nutrition therapy has an individized approach and addresses root causes.

Saffron For Depression And Anxiety

Saffron for Moderate to Severe Depression (and anxiety too)   When thinking of herbs, I think most people think of St. John’s wort for depression. However, there is another herb that is starting to get attention and shows great promise.… 0 Shares |

Potato Diet. Should you Try it for Weight Loss?

The All Potato Diet: Should you Try it for Weight Loss By Karen Brennan, NC, MSW, BCHN®, Herbalist It seems like with another new year upon us, people make resolutions to lose weight.  Part of that resolution, it seems, is… 0 Shares |

Herbs for PMS

PMS Symptoms Every Month?  There is an herb for that!   I originally provided this article for a reporter wanting information on supplements and holistic remedies for PMS symptoms.  However, she did not use the information I provided as she… 0 Shares |

Myth: low fat is NOT healthy and does NOT prevent heart disease

Myth: A low-fat diet is healthy and prevents heart disease   People try to get their cholesterol levels down so they avoid cholesterol rich foods and high fat foods!  Wrong thing to do!  This may lower your cholesterol (see myth one… 0 Shares |

Cholesterol: Believing this is Hurting your Health

Dispelling Health Myths: What you Need to Stop Believing I am doing a series on health myths. These are questions that I get asked often or health myths that people are following and by doing so are actually hurting their… 0 Shares |

5 Reasons to Consume this Every Day

Fermented Foods: 5 Reasons to Consume this food Group Every Day I’m sure you have heard about fermented foods and are wondering if this is just a fad.  Here are some reasons why fermented foods should not be just a… 0 Shares |

This Simple Daily Tip Can Improve Your Health And Jumpstart Weightloss

What we all should be doing first thing in the morning A simple, cheap and effective way to jump start your metabolism, weight loss and improve your health What if I told you that by doing this every day, making… 0 Shares |

Three natural remedies for the flu

Top three things you should take if you get the flu this year In the September 16, 2016 Parade Magazine there was an article on “Boost your Flu IQ”.  While the article had some good points such as reduce the… 0 Shares |

21 Reasons to Avoid Energy Drinks

21 Reasons to Avoid Energy drinks Many young adults (18-35 y/o range) can be seen walking around holding a can of pure caffeine and sugar.  More often than not these cans contain more than one serving and who really drinks… 0 Shares |

Detox, Cleanse and Intermittent eating: Should you being trying these?

Intermittent Fasting, Detox, Cleanses Should you be trying it? I get asked frequently, “So, what do you think about cleansing, detox or intermittent eating?” Without going into detail right now about what each one is…. Here is my response: I… 0 Shares |