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I'm in the last year of school getting my bachelors degree in Exercise Science and Sport Nutrition. I'm a huge health and longevity advocate and I am a avid believer and follower of the Dolce Diet. I will change the world one person and one mind at a time.

Fluoride: Our Daily Medication

Fluoride is a word we have all heard before. It’s in our water; it’s in our toothpaste, mouthwash, and many other things that we are probably not yet aware of. So, what exactly is fluoride and why is the government… 0 Shares |

Managing Diabetes Through The Use of Exercise

Managing diabetes is a multi-faceted challenge that ranges from nutrition, exercise, awareness of hypoglycemia training, and of course self-management education. Exercise is a phenomenal lifestyle tool that can effectively prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes and also for the… 0 Shares |

GM-What? GMO

GMO. Genetically Modified Organism. Huh? Yes, it can be a mouthful and even more difficult to possibly try and understand. I originally set out to write this article as a brief, yet simple, synopsis of what GMO’s are and how… 0 Shares |