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I am a graphic designer, new mommy, and author of I WAS MADE TO DO THIS | Inspirational guide to natural pregnancy and fear-free natural childbirth. I am on a mission to inspire women believe in the power of their bodies, minds and mostly the power of their intuition, or inner knowing, that we all innately possess, but oftentimes choose to ignore. I am so deeply grateful for the ability to share my story and my experience with the world, teach, and to be of service <3

How To Survive And Enjoy Natural Labor – 7 Practical Tips

Natural labor is not the easiest of tasks. But we choose it anyway to remain fully connected to experience of childbirth, to protect our babies from harsh chemicals entering their blood stream, to ensure more chances of successful latching and… 0 Shares |

21 Tips For Successful Natural Childbirth

( This information is NOT to be used in place of medical advice. You are strongly encouraged to check in with your healthcare provider. This piece is written for inspiration purposes only. ) So you are thinking about natural birth?… 0 Shares |