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Katie Corcoran is a healthy living expert, coach and lover of all things kale and cacao. She believes we are all destined to break free from our fears and live life our absolute greatest potential. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach (AADP), Wellness Blogger and Business Mentor, Katie works to empower women through her group programs to make healthier decisions in their relationships, careers, healthy eating, movement habits, and also learn how to harvest have a strong relationship with their finances. To learn more about Katie, visit her website at www.katiecorc.com or by emailing [email protected].

Why Mason Jars are amazing… and not just because they look pretty on Pinterest

We use them for DIY projects, for sipping on a smoothies or in place of a vase for a beautiful flower arrangements and have kept a close eye as the beloved Mason Jar has become widely popular among social media … 0 Shares |