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Dr. Kathy Veon, DOM is a holistic medical practitioner with extensive training and certification in Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Nutrition Therapy, Quantum Reflex Analysis, Emotional Repolarization Technique, Cation Mud Therapy, and other holistic therapies. She helps people find healing by addressing all that it means to be human: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Six Steps to Weight Loss

Weight Loss is a HUGE industry.  There is no shortage of fad, quick fix diet programs that promise success, but often just leave your wallet or pocketbook a littler lighter.  Stop following fad diets.  Period. They just don’t work.  Successful… 0 Shares |

Quantum Reflex Analysis Gets to the Real Root Cause of Health Problems

Good health is inarguably one’s most valuable possession. Without good health, being highly productive and enjoying day-to-day life becomes an increasing challenge. What is good health? According to the World Health Organization, health is defined as: “A state of complete… 0 Shares |

Pain Relief with Cation Mud Therapy

Chronic and acute pain are common health issues facing many people in our society. Underlying issues such as lack of nutrient dense foods, chemical exposure, hidden infections, inflammation, poor digestion and low pH levels are often the root causes of… 0 Shares |