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JSB Morse is a husband and father and an author, entrepreneur, and philosopher. His latest project is Paleo Family, which he co-authored with his wife. He has written several critically acclaimed novels including the political thriller "Gods of Ruin" and the spiritual fiction "Now and at the Hour of Our Death" and the "Take Advantage" non-fiction series. He paints, creates web applications, and writes/produces music under the name Whacktus. He lives in New Orleans with his wife Gina Maria and their family.

The War on Medical Freedom

There was a time in American history when scientists were touting the health benefits of certain cigarettes. Medical reports claimed that smoking Chesterfield cigarettes had “no adverse effects,” “Philip Morris are scientifically proved far less irritating to the nose and… 0 Shares |

There Is a Treatment for Depression, But It’s Not What You Think

Major depression disorder (MDD) has been ravaging the United States recently. A recent Blue Cross Blue Shield report shows that over 9 million Americans have been diagnosed with major depression—an increase of over 33 percent since 2013. This increase is… 0 Shares |