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Joli Tripp is a wellness advocate, blogger, professional home stager, Realtor, wife, and self-proclaimed foodie. Joli is passionate about making simple changes at the grocery store, at home and in life to attain abundant health. She uses her journey back to health to inspire others to find courage to do the same. She provides practical advice about food, wellness, home and garden using natural solutions. Currently, Joli resides in Southern California where she blogs, Posts, Tweets and Pins about living a wellness lifestyle.

Is Salt Cave Therapy Worth its Salt?

Is it the salt or the relaxation benefits that has people coming in droves to breath in the salty air in a salt cave? Salt caves or salt grottos are popping up in cities all over the world.  The premise… 0 Shares |

Seven Gotchas Lurking in Your Health Food Market

All food sold in a natural foods store has to be healthy, right? Surely we aren’t gullible enough to believe that, but it’s easy to be less cautious about food while shopping in a health food market. Here are seven… 0 Shares |

Can’t Stay Asleep? 26 Tips to Help you Sleep Tight

Staying asleep through the night can be torture for the weary.  Sleep is a natural body process making it seem rather simple.  It’s not simple, if you are an insomniac. If resorting to pharmaceutical sleep aids is not your cup… 0 Shares |