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Ancient Botanicals believes in the ancient wisdom of natural medicinals for life sustenance. Our products are 100% certified organic & wild harvested.


  Last week I watched the movie “Lucy”. Have you seen it? It’s a great Hollywood movie starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman with quite an interesting subject: Nootropics aka Smart Drugs. Now, I’m not writing an article supporting drug… 0 Shares |

Why Is The Endocrine System So Important?

  Although we rarely think about the endocrine system, it influences almost every cellular function in our body. The endocrine system plays a role in regulating mood, growth and development, tissue function, metabolism, as well as, sexual function and reproductive… 0 Shares |

The Sexiest Thing That You Should Put Into Your Body

Let’s talk about Sex! It is the great archetypal emotion of ecstatic bliss. Sex is there for physical reasons, pleasure, stress-reliever, exercise, curiosity and attraction. It can also be for emotional reasons, love, commitment and gratitude. We all have our… 0 Shares |

As Above so Below_Yoga and Spirit

For most people, yoga and spiritual practices are associated with an “upward” motion. We meditate, practice yoga and pranayama, concentrate on the “Third eye”, try to connect with our “Higher Self,” activate the higher chakras, soar to the Higher planes… 0 Shares |

3 of the Most Powerful Herbs You’ve Never Heard of

Using Nature To Unlock Our Immortality Immortality has always been a dream of conscious humans. The desire to avoid death and live eternally is universal, profound and God-like.  Answers to the mystery of immortality have been growing in forests and… 0 Shares |