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Top Five Electric Vehicles

As more and more of us begin to adopt the point of view that it’s important to take personal responsibility for our carbon footprint, electric vehicles have seen a staggering rise in public popularity as well as corporate investment. Part… 0 Shares |

The Most Extreme Camping in the World

As the nights draw in and grow colder and you begin to settle into holiday mode, you’re unlikely to entertain the idea of setting off on a camping trip. Camping’s supposed to be a relaxing, comfortable affair; with meadows and… 0 Shares |

Is Your Business’ Future in the Cloud?

Like it or not, cloud computing is the future. A recent study by Axonn Media predicted that by 2020 there will be around 50 billion connected devices globally, and the only realistic way to ensure full accessibility of your future… 0 Shares |

Expert Advice on Keeping Fit this Winter

As the nights grow longer and colder you’ll probably find yourself less enthused with the idea of exerting yourself through exercise. With summer’s pressure to have the perfect “beach body” well behind you and the desire to wrap up with… 0 Shares |

Medical Research and Mankind’s Connection to Nature

If you’re currently residing in the Northern Hemisphere it’s a good bet to suggest that you’re starting to feel the chills and sniffles of the approaching winter. Whilst it’s tempting to wrap yourself up in a duvet and while away… 0 Shares |

Driving Tips to Reduce your Car’s Environmental Impact

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years or so, you’ll probably be aware that mankind’s use of fossil fuels is the driving force behind our negative  impact on the environment. Whilst scaremongering media outlets may… 0 Shares |

How Stoptober can Increase your Gains in the Gym

As any British readers of Natural News will be aware, this month UK smokers are struggling through an attempt to give up tobacco for a full 31 days and successfully kick their habit for good. The NHS-backed Stoptober initiative aims… 0 Shares |