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I am John. I live in NYC. I love politics and all that is around it! I study Political Science. I am a big fan of investigate journalism and I stand for independent thinking in our country! "Dying to Win" one of the best books i ever read.

The killing that went unnoticed!

“The Nigerian army was right to shoot these Shias. The only language the Shias (same as Shiites) understand is the language of the bullet. Well done to the Nigerian army and I hope you continue to shoot these Shia terrorists… 0 Shares |

The Saudi monarchy is beyond reckless!

Under a literally harsh interpretation of Islam, our worst ally, the Saudis, have put out a new initiative to add more to fire of the sectarianism conflict in ME. It has proven itself to be a clan created for savagery… 0 Shares |

We must unite against terror

The pain of any human being anywhere in the world causes anxiety and sorrow for other human beings.  The sight of a child losing his life in the presence of his loved ones, a mother whose joy for her family… 0 Shares |

The more the drop-outs, the better the election

“Should More Presidential Candidates Drop Out?”, a question that one of my friends asked me before watching a Trump show! “Yes”, that’s what I said. I think all of the politicians and basically the candidates who are actually in the… 0 Shares |

Are we witnessing “Nero fiddled as Rome burned”?

I’m impressed that nearly 200 nations can agree on a resolution regarding a global problem, the “climate change”. I do not know about you but that’s good news. The climate agreement which was “clinched” by world powers in Paris was… 0 Shares |

Guns, Guns and Guns!

Since 2008, many people have suffered grave losses of income and property. The costs of food, healthcare, transportation, housing and education have gone up. People are not purchasing like they once did. There is conscious, necessary downsizing and economizing that… 0 Shares |

I do not have Trump in my blood!

It’s obvious now that he’s mad! He’s completely unhinged for his comments especially about Muslims. He’s no longer an entertainer but a disgracefully skillful demagogue who founds his comments on the premise that his followers are undereducated, angry and stuffed… 0 Shares |

Here’s why I do not trust political polls

Let’s admit it! Polls make a good popularity contest in our world. The intellectually lazy see polls and make their decisions based off of those. Political polls help take the political temperature in a given moment in the country and… 0 Shares |

The GOP candidates are a waste of time!

The GOP has for some years been devolving into a political party of irrationality and destructive negativity. Their debates are a waste of time. These are not candidates; they are just opportunists looking out for themselves. Here is why: Carson… 0 Shares |

Will you invite a Muslim over for Thanksgiving?

Google will tell you that the Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in Canada and the United States as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. But the idea of… 0 Shares |