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Thanks for visiting "For Pets and Their People," my Natural News blog. About J.D.Ward: I've been rescuing and advocating for animals and natural health since forever! I became a vegetarian/vegan most years, because I would rather be friends with animals rather than (ugh!) the alternative. I began writing about animals and health to help them and their people about fifteen years ago. I hope that I can continue to make a difference in their lives. I love learning about new things as much as I love sharing what I learn. Hey--Follow Me! Sending Hugs from the Herd--the Rescue Ranch herd that is! (http://hopeformany.org)

Pet Edibles Could Bring Unwelcome Squirmy ‘Surprise’

Ordering food (and treats) for animals over the web, and depending on the seller to pack them properly–and the shipper to not be careless–can leave you with handfuls of living creepy-crawlies that could gross you out forever! Even those bought… 0 Shares |

Loud Noise Anxiety: Simple as ‘Turkey’

Animals are especially nervous when they hear noises that they don’t understand or can’t see the source of.  Fireworks and thunder are known to be a source of both. Help your animals so they (and you) don’t suffer through the… 0 Shares |

Beat Fleas, Ticks Naturally

In some parts of our country, the weather is starting to really warm up. Living on a special needs dog sanctuary, warmer weather means something more than pretty flowers getting ready to bloom.  It means that those little insect pests… 0 Shares |

Become Your Animal’s Best Medical Advocate-and Your Own, Too

The rules in every state are different, so read up if you want to become your animal’s best medical advocate–or a medical advocate for yourself–or even a friend or family member.  (Since I am writing with a perspective that has… 0 Shares |

Euthanasia: Danger to Animals, Health, Society

There is no excuse for the killing of millions of innocent, healthy, adoptable animals–who could be placed elsewhere.  Plus, the cruelty that is used to euthanize these loving animals, speaks volumes about the values of our current society. Thanks for… 0 Shares |

Contagious Viruses Spread at Dog Parks: Even in Cold Weather

Thanks for stopping by my new Natural News blog, “For Pets and Their People.”  Remember, the more people we can reach, the more animals–and their people–we can help! Note: Please visit my related post Rescue Ranch blog (see post that… 0 Shares |

Pet Blogger: New Writer Joins to Help Pets and Their People

This pet blogger hopes to inform; educate; entertain and make you think, but most of all, will make you fall in love with animals! As a new Natural News pet blogger, I had a very complex post planned for today–but… 0 Shares |