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Tumor-Causing Chemicals in Food Wrappers Leach into Food

Scientists have found that fast food wrappers used to contain grease and oil leach a plethora of chemicals known to be toxic to humans into the food it’s used to contain. The majority of these wrappers are made with PAPS—polyfuoroalkyl… 0 Shares |

Thermograms: Safer, More Accurate than Mammograms

Mammograms today are considered the standard tool to detect breast cancer.  Women are normally encouraged to get mammogram testing every one or two years as they enter later adulthood, as a measure to detect breast cancer as early as possible.… 0 Shares |

Man Cures Stage IV Prostate Cancer by Raising pH

A man diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer cured himself of stage IV prostate cancer by raising his blood pH with baking soda and molasses. Vernon Johnston was diagnosed with late stage prostate cancer that had spread to his bones.… 0 Shares |

Chocolate Trims Waistlines in One Week, Study Finds

A recent study from the University of Tor Vergata in Rome found that consuming dark chocolate with 70% cacao for just one week markedly improves cardiovascular health and measurably reduces excess abdominal body fat. The study involved women aged 20… 0 Shares |

Exercise Without Antioxidants Accelerates Aging

We all hear about the importance of exercise, and if you’ve made it a regular part of your daily routine, you’ve no doubt experienced the plethora of physical, mental and emotional benefits it imparts.  Exercise can bring about a better… 0 Shares |

The 3 Actual Causes of Clogged Arteries

The following is an explanation of the three actual causes of clogged arteries, two of which are generally unknown.  For anyone with cholesterol or cardiovascular problems, or for heavy dairy drinkers, this information can be very useful.  This article is… 0 Shares |

The Truth Behind 14 Common Food Label Ingredients

Going to a store to buy a grocery product can be as simple as picking it up and purchasing it, but if you’re concerned about what you’re eating, you might be taken aback by the deluge of ingredients of the… 0 Shares |

Curcumin Halts Pancreatic Cancer Cell Growth

A recent study done at the Institute for Cancer Research at the University of North Texas Health Science Center concluded that curcumin, the active medicinal component of turmeric root, not only stops pancreatic cells from metastasizing, or spreading, but inhibits… 0 Shares |

Study Finds Sea Cucumber Extract Kills 95% of Cancer Cells

Exciting new research has found that just a small extract from sea cucumbers kills 95% of liver cancer cells, 95% of breast cancer cells, 88% of lung cancer cells, and 90% of melanoma cells.  The extract, called Frondoside A, has… 0 Shares |

16 Studies Find Coffee Reduces Liver Cancer Risk by 40%

A recent 2013 study that reviewed data from 16 different medical studies found that daily coffee consumption can reduce the risk of the most common form of liver cancer by 40%.  Moreover, it found that drinking three cups or more… 0 Shares |