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Jerry Nelson is a freelance photojournalist who travels globally covering primarily social justice issues. Busy on assignment now in South America, Jerry is always interested in discussing future work opportunities.

Natural Makeup Is Natural for Halloween — and Daily Use As Well

Makeup is an important beauty item and used by women everywhere. But makeup exposes the wearer to a range of health concerns despite enhancing personal appearance and self-esteem. Research is beginning to show that some ingredients in typical beauty and… 0 Shares |

Acupuncture: A Natural Alternative to Botox

As Lora entered her 60s, she started to see fine lines around her eyes and lips and an uneven skin tone she described as ashy. Lora was hesitant to go for chemical enhancements or invasive nips, tucks and pokes often… 0 Shares |

Little Known Herbal Remedies to Treat the Common Cold

Whenever colds and flu start to come around, some people think of Guys and Dolls, the musical. An actress with a whiny nasal voice blurred into a Brooklyn accent, titters: “The grip, the grip, the post-nasal drip. With wheezes and… 0 Shares |

Homeopathy Looking into Impeding Flu Season

Freddie got sick yesterday. While his mom was helping to set up for the annual fall block party, Freddie couldn’t join. He was weak and wheezing. Every breath hurt. His eyes were red, and he looked drained. It was an… 0 Shares |