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Taking Care of Your Eye Health the Natural Way

When most people think about their eye health, the first thing that comes to mind is whether or not they need to wear glasses. Although your vision is a major part of your overall eye health, there are actually many… 0 Shares |

Thousands of Lawsuits Seek to Keep Up Momentum in Talcum Powder Cases

Natural News has been reporting on the dangers of talcum powder for almost a decade. The federal government has also known that this popular product could cause cancer since at least 1973. Yet somehow, companies such as Johnson & Johnson… 0 Shares |

Lyme Disease Could be Hiding behind a Dementia Misdiagnosis

Dementia is one of the most common medical complications that older adults face. In fact, 33 percent of seniors die as a result of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Therefore, it is no wonder that physicians immediately suspect dementia when people 65… 0 Shares |

The Latest Breakthrough in Treating Alcoholism

Alcoholism is such a pervasive problem in the United States that experts have determined that at least 1 out of every 12 people is currently battling it. This means that 17.6 million Americans are alcoholics, with millions more engaging in… 0 Shares |

Marijuana Cultivation Ban Frustrates Sisters of the Valley and Those Who Rely on Medical Marijuana

Sister Darcey and Sister Kate are referred to as the “Sisters of the Valley.” These two self-proclaimed nuns have been growing marijuana and selling products made from cannabinoids (CBDs) in California for approximately a year. However, their city council recently… 0 Shares |

How Supply, Demand and New Policies Affect the Costs of Medical Supplies, Healthcare

Just like other markets, the costs of medical supplies, healthcare services and insurance premiums are affected by supply and demand. In general, when there is high demand for a product or service and supplies are limited, costs rise. That being… 0 Shares |

Mark Zuckerberg and the Influence of Businesses on Health Initiatives

Mark Zuckerberg has made it his personal goal to help himself and others live a healthier, more enriched life. Last year, the Facebook co-founder encouraged people to join him in reading a series of books that took a deep look… 0 Shares |

7 Natural Ways to Take Care of Your Child When They Have a Fever

It can be scary when your child gets a fever, but this is also an important indicator that their immune system is working hard to fight off some type of infection. Many doctors want to push medication on a child… 0 Shares |

Is Alpha GPC the Secret to Improving our Brain Health?

The World Health Organization says that 47.5 million people around the world have some form of dementia. Even those of us who will never experience this issue certainly have moments when we cannot remember something of importance, and this can… 0 Shares |

Growing Organic Indoors is Easier than You Might Think

Most people assume that they need to have a lot of land in order to grow organic vegetables, but the reality is that there are many methods you can use to bring produce to life inside your home. Additionally, anyone… 0 Shares |