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Jaclyn Werner is passionate about living a healthy life. As a home health care aide assisting the elderly in hospices and in their homes, Werner has seen firsthand the positive effects that a healthy diet and exercise can have on the body—and what happens when nutrition is ignored. She has since become a staunch advocate of educating the public about ways to improve overall health and well-being. Werner, who takes advantage of Colorado’s landscape regularly for hiking and mountain biking, resides in Denver with her husband and daughter. Currently, she is a technical writer for several health websites as well as Curious Chef (http://curiouschef.com/).

Statin Side Effects on Ubiquinol Levels

Statins are one of the most effective lipid-lowering drugs available for controlling blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It is not a single drug but rather a class of drugs that have been shown to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular events… 0 Shares |

How to Start a Family Garden With Your Kids

How to Start a Family Garden With Your Kids The two most common complaints from parents these days is that their kids don’t eat a sufficient amount of healthy foods and that they don’t get enough sunlight and fresh air.… 0 Shares |

Are Statins Right for You?

A report in the March 19, 2014, issue of the New England Journal of Medicine highlights new guidelines recommended by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association on the use of statins, which may result in 13… 0 Shares |