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The Dangers Lurking in the Air We Breathe

The Air We Breathe The air we breathe is a major factor to our overall health levels. Carcinogens and fumes from automotive cars and industrial factories, in addition to tons of other harmful gases are all around us. While they… 0 Shares |

6 Steps to Healthier & Cleaner Lungs

Maintaining a clean body on the inside is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy. As a result, many people regularly perform liver cleansing and colon cleansing routines. Cleanses to flush harmful organisms and cleanses for… 0 Shares |

20 Reasons Why You Need a Toxic Metal and Chemical Cleanse

Each day, we are overloaded with chemicals and toxic metals that can have negative affects on our health. These negative affects can be anything from heart problems, to kidney issues, to cancer, as well as many other diseases. There are… 0 Shares |

Essential Oils in Your Homemade Toothpaste: What are the Benefits?

Are you aware that you can create your own toothpaste at home with just a few easy ingredients that you might already have in your kitchen? How about that the toothpaste you make can actually be more beneficial to your… 0 Shares |

Top 10 Uses For Oregano Oil That Benefit Your Health

Anyone who is somewhat familiar with natural healing or alternative health practices has probably heard of oregano oil. Made from the perennial herb oregano and packed with extremely high levels of antioxidants that destroy free radicals, oregano oil has a… 0 Shares |

CoQ10: The Essential Nutrient That Is Critical for Optimal Health

Pretty much everyone that is knowledgeable of natural health methods is searching for a “magic bullet” when it comes to optimal health. One that can help us avoid disease, preserve our organ health, support healthy aging, provide defense from environmental… 0 Shares |

BlenderBottle Versatility: Fun Uses and Recipes

Bottle blenders are such amazing devices, and something every home should have at least one of. If you’re like me, you live off of these things. They are similar to a traditional blender, but with no motor. You are force… 0 Shares |

Gross! You Won’t Believe What Detox Foot Pads Can Remove From the Body

You may have heard about detox foot pads that help with detoxification through the soles of the feet. These things are amazing, as they give you clear and concise evidence that you have cleared toxins from the body. Don’t look… 0 Shares |

Are Your Kidneys Toxic? Promote Natural Kidney Cleansing and Support

The human body detoxifies itself every day, naturally. One of the body’s basic functions is to neutralize and eliminate toxins through the liver, lungs, colon, lymph, skin, and you guessed it… the kidneys. However, in modern day life, our natural… 0 Shares |

Organic Maca Root Powder and It’s Long List of Health Benefits

Continued, and persistent use of high quality organic Maca root powder promotes improvement in the physical, hormonal, and emotional states of regular people. Simply put, maca is a root that grows in the Andes Mountains of Peru. This root has… 0 Shares |