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Hello! In my blog, I cover 3 aspects that contribute to health: physical, emotional and spiritual. My writing comes from the point of view that we are all spiritual beings (souls) living in a temporary human body. Our purpose of incarnating is for loving others, including ourselves. I believe that looking at the bigger purpose and meaning of life is essential for contributing to the health of our individual bodies and the health of the world as a whole. Furthermore, I cover how the money system causes destruction to human health and the health of the environment. Implementing a solution to cure the ill world we live in is essential to saving the Earth and is essential for saving the future of humanity. A viable solution to curing the ill world is a world-wide resource based economy (promoted by The Venus Project). The technology exists today to properly distribute the world's resources to everyone so that human health and needs are optimally satisfied, and the Earth's resources are optimally preserved, protected, and regenerated.

The Root Cause of Acne (Which is Ignored by Conventional Allopathic Medicine)

Stop the Conventional Acne Treatments and Cure The Root Cause of Acne What happens when you have acne and seek a dermatologist’s help? Typically, the doctor will take a look at your skin, diagnose you as having a certain type… 0 Shares |

Eating Animals is Not a Morality Issue

Humanely raised animals fed on their natural diets are a healthy part of the human diet. The issue to be examined is why eating animals should not be viewed as an immoral act. The ethical position of a vegetarian/vegan is… 0 Shares |