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Nick Huxsted works for Will Williams Meditation in London. Their aim is to help people live the happiest, healthiest lives they can through the ancient practice of Vedic meditation.

Myth Busted – Coffee Doesn’t Cause Dehydration

Water is undoubtedly the elixir of life. Without it our bodies will cease to function within 3-5 days, a remarkably short period of time. For years we’ve often heard that coffee causes dehydration and that we should supplement every cup… 0 Shares |

Coffee Consumption Linked To Improved Mortality Rates

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular drinks. We consume around 2.25 billion cups a day and it’s an intrinsic ritual for many us trying to rouse our weary brains from the previous nights slumber. With such large… 0 Shares |

Meditation Found To Enhance Women’s Sexual Desire

Meditation has become increasingly popular in both its practice and in the press over recent years. There have been numerous articles, studies and research papers released that examine the effects of meditation on our health and wellbeing. Stress and anxiety… 0 Shares |

Why corporate meditation is on the rise.

The recent parliamentary roundtable on Mindfulness meditation has been examining why mindfulness meditation is proving to be so popular in the modern day work place. As part of the Mindfulness Initiative originally set up by Exeter, Bangor and Oxford University,… 0 Shares |

New DNA research may hold the key to the world coffee crisis

New research has succeeded in sequencing the DNA of the Robusta coffee plant and decoding its evolutionary past. At a time when climate change has decimated the local coffee crop in both Central America and East Africa, the research hopes… 0 Shares |

Is Meditation Beneficial For Our Children?

We all want the best for our children. We spend vast amounts of time, effort and money to ensure that they receive the best possible start in life. Good schools, tutors, extra curricular activities and a healthy diet are just… 0 Shares |

Your regular morning coffee may prevent Alzheimers

Coffee has had its fair share of negative publicity over recent years. Its been linked with a wide range of health related issues from cardiovascular problems to ulcers. And while excessive consumption is never advised, coffee in moderation does appear… 0 Shares |

Can Meditation Help with ADHD?

What are your ambitions in life? Almost everyone will be able to answer this question. The responses will no doubt be wide and varied, but it’s very rare that you’ll meet someone with no goals, hopes or aspirations in life.… 0 Shares |