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Nick Huxsted works for Will Williams Meditation in London. Their aim is to help people live the happiest, healthiest lives they can through the ancient practice of Vedic meditation.

Meditation’s Benefits Proven Further By Mindful Mice

Anecdotal evidence has for decades suggested that the regular practise of meditation has a profound physical and psychological benefits, and in recent years human studies have provided solid scientific confirmation to these suppositions. From physical brain changes to lessened anxiety,… 0 Shares |

Homeopathy in the NHS: The Big Debate

The Department for Health is currently reviewing whether or not homeopathy in the NHS should continue to be available through doctor referrals. Against a backdrop of funding cuts and increasing pressure to reduce costs, the Government and health managers are… 0 Shares |

Study Investigates the Effect of Video Games on Chronic Stress

A team of researchers from the University of Central Florida has explored the restorative impact of playing video games on those conducting high-pressure work roles. Focusing on those in taxing working environments, such as soldiers and doctors, the study aimed… 0 Shares |

Study Finds that Meditation Could be a Solution for Back Pain

For those who suffer with back pain, the effects can be life changing. According to Bone and Joint Burden and BBC news, one in thirty working-age adults in the US are limited by or unable to work at all because… 0 Shares |

UK Prisons to Introduce Meditation Lessons for Most Challenging Inmates

Prisoners in HMP Wakefield’s close supervision centre will be the first to be offered meditation lessons in a scheme that will see one-to-one meditation classes rolled out across eight of the UK’s highest security prisons. Aimed at the 60 inmates… 0 Shares |

Military scientists study the effects of meditation on PTSD

At Joint Base San Antonio, military scientists are reaching the end of a three-year study analysing the effects of meditation on the stress levels of veterans and active servicemen. Initial examination of the collected data suggests that pain and stress… 0 Shares |

The Wellcome Trust Funds 7 Year Study On Meditation And Its Effect On Adolescence

Scheduled for 2016, The Wellcome Trust is funding a £6.4m study on the effects meditation has on 3,200 11 to 14 year olds. The 7-year study will examine a cross section of young students from 72 schools in one of… 0 Shares |

New Research Shows That Meditation May Relieve IBS

A new study published by the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital has found that meditation may relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). According to the International Foundation for… 0 Shares |

Meditation Found To Increase Job Control & A Reduce Work Related Stress

Forty hours a week, 48 weeks a year for 50 years of our life. Work is undoubtedly an integral part of life in the modern world. It’s where friendships are made, relationships blossom and helps to define the purpose for… 0 Shares |

Scientists Find The Secret To Staying Faithful

Why do some people cheat why others remain faithful? It’s undoubtedly a complicated question, filled with more variables than the flight of a Ping-Pong ball in a room filled with Toblerone. However recent research has suggested that an essential part… 0 Shares |