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John Herron is the author of the "The Gut Health Protocol" an extraordinarily well researched book with nearly 800 endnotes, and over 500 summarized research studies. Good health starts with a healthy gut, and a dysfunctional gut is the root cause of many other health issues. John thinks of himself as a "meta-researcher", a person who researches the research. He doesn't do the medical studies, he finds them, digests them, and translates them for his readers. John began this meta-research not out of desire, but necessity. He had been sick for many years with intestinal, stomach, and various other issues that doctors were helpless to cure. Thus he began doing his own research, not browsing the thousands of self-help websites, but scouring published medical and scientific research studies. This meta-research led him to not only find many potentially helpful natural supplements that had great potential to eliminate gut infections, but also to herbs and foods that can heal the damage done by these infections. What resulted was a new understanding of what needed to be done, and in what order, to heal his own health issues, a healing protocol. John started sharing this information with some people he met on Facebook that had similar issues, many of them, on their own accord, started testing his theories and reporting back. When their results matched his own experiences he knew he was on to something. This resulted in his first book, "The Gut Health Protocol". John continues to research other health conditions and sharing his research with thousands of people in the Facebook group "The Gut Health Protocol". Many of the research studies have been tested in the lab, are safe and effective, but have never been used in medical practice. The reasons are simple, there are no drug companies willing to sell a product that has very little profit potential, products that would possibly cripple the sales of their existing medications. John hopes to write additional books in the future, with the hope that results of this meta-research leads more people to discover natural cures for common ailments. Ailments that modern pharmaceuticals may not have all the answers or may have serious side effects.

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