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Plant Spirits for Healing: A How To

Did you know that you can use plant spirits for healing? Plants and herbs are the root of ancient medicine. These devotional plants are still used today among native tribes. Learn how to use plant spirits for healing with this… 0 Shares |

Find Pain Relief with Anti-Inflammatory Herbs

All of these herbs are anti-inflammatory and can play a huge role in pain relief. To make a pain relief tea, take a pinch of the loose herbs (dried or raw) and place in a tea infuser. Boil water and… 0 Shares |

Holistic Spa Ideas at Home that will Boost Immune Function

Holistic spa visits can be a wonderful way to boost your immune system and relax away the stresses of working hard. For a lot of people, holistic spas are out of reach financially. However, the health rewards that a holistic… 0 Shares |

Start an Herbal Remedy Medicine Cabinet

Starting an herbal remedy medicine cabinet is easy on the pocketbook and easy to do. The following herbs and plants are great to have on hand and are very easy to work with. CHAMOMILE Great for: insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, colds,… 0 Shares |

Tips on How to Beat Brain Fog Naturally

Brain fog is a common complaint and not something that was heard of just a decade or so ago. Gaining mental clarity only takes a little consciousness. I know it can be hard when you are in a fog, so… 0 Shares |

Tips to Detox Naturally from Tobacco

Did you know that there are dietary links in all tobacco users? These tips can help anyone detox from tobacco use. Have you ever heard that people who eat lots of fruits and vegetables cannot stand the taste of tobacco?… 0 Shares |