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Chris Gussa is the Owner, founder and formulator for Plant Cures Incorporated. ( www.plantcures.com ) A family owned business since 1992 handcrafting over one hundred and fifty serious herbal products for specific disorders with over fifty tonic herbal products. People know these formulas work and Plant Cures has never needed to advertise. Plant Cures Incorporated is here for those who keep their bodies running on what God has provided and for those who do not trust the Pharma/Medical system due to bad experiences or due to just good common sense! Chris is also an Arizona Cattle Rancher raising grass-fed organically grown black Saler cattle. His small herd is well known for their prolific and gentle black polled Saler bulls. Chris wrote the best selling book entitled “His Hand Has Provided” – “A Christian Cowboys Guide To Nutrition And Natural Healing With Herbs” It is available at www.plantcures.com as well as all major book stores.

The Georgia Guide Stones, Agenda 21 and The Pharma/medical System

Many people have had suspicions that the medical system has a dark and sinister side but when you look at the driving force behind the progression of our one-world government system it becomes plain to see just exactly what is… 0 Shares |

Powerful Plant Based Detoxification

There are many formulas out there regarding detoxifying the body for purposes of removing heavy metals, spent hormones, dormant viruses, yeast, gallstones and other mineral and plaque deposits and even to rid the body of cancer. There are so many… 0 Shares |