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Chris Gussa is the Owner, founder and formulator for Plant Cures Incorporated. ( www.plantcures.com ) A family owned business since 1992 handcrafting over one hundred and fifty serious herbal products for specific disorders with over fifty tonic herbal products. People know these formulas work and Plant Cures has never needed to advertise. Plant Cures Incorporated is here for those who keep their bodies running on what God has provided and for those who do not trust the Pharma/Medical system due to bad experiences or due to just good common sense! Chris is also an Arizona Cattle Rancher raising grass-fed organically grown black Saler cattle. His small herd is well known for their prolific and gentle black polled Saler bulls. Chris wrote the best selling book entitled “His Hand Has Provided” – “A Christian Cowboys Guide To Nutrition And Natural Healing With Herbs” It is available at www.plantcures.com as well as all major book stores.

WE SAY SO! The Science We Should Never Question (Sarcasm)

Does anybody out there remember the old “Dinosaurs” episodes on ABC TV?  I loved the “WE SAY SO” Corporation that Earl worked for. In the series, the WE SAY SO Corporation owned “just about everything” much like the combined pharmaceutical… 0 Shares |

The Bible Condemns Big Pharma; Says Take Herbs For Medicine

Have you ever noticed the huge surge of desire and longing in people to get back to the natural for our healing and medicine? The FDA combined with the drug industry and the media have almost totally erased this knowledge… 0 Shares |

He Shou Wu: More Than A Legendary Longevity Herb

Out of about 10,000 Chinese medicinal plants only about 60 belong to the class of Superior Tonic Herbs. Out of these 60 herbs He Shou Wu is the most amazing longevity tonic of all. It is widely used in Chinese… 0 Shares |

An Incredible Chinese Herb For Kidney And Gallstones

The Chinese name Jin Qian Cao applies to two different herbs capable of dissolving gallstones (One is actually called Guang Jin Qian Cao). However, both are known as Coin Grass. The most popular of these herbs is the Jin Qian… 0 Shares |

Five Chinese Heat Clearing Herbs: Antiviral and Antibacterial Treasures!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are many classifications of herbs such as, Tonic, Blood Moving, Calming, Dispel Water, etc. The herbs used to bring down heat are called Heat Clearing Herbs. These herbs have the best antiviral and antibacterial actions… 0 Shares |

Why We Should NEVER Tell Doctors We Are Using Herbs

I put the title of this article into a Google search and guess what? You guessed it; all that came up was the exact opposite. (Why we should tell doctors) Apparently  I must be the first one to ever bring… 0 Shares |

Step Up To The World Of Natural Medicine and Start Living

You always find disclaimers in books and  “heath food stores” saying things like; “Be sure to first ask your doctor if you should take herbs” or “Remember herbal medicine has it’s limits” or “Herbs can’t really cure disease, they can… 0 Shares |

How We Got Tricked Into Processed Food

So what happened? How did we get tricked into all this “Processed Non-food”? Well, that is, indeed, a good question! I think there are a few compound reasons but I am sure one of the biggest reasons started just after… 0 Shares |

The American Cowboy and The Use of Herbs

The culture of the American Cowboy and the use of herbs have widely crossed paths with the American Indian and also with the Mexican cowboys or “Vaqueros”. Much of the knowledge of herb-use was also brought in from the “old… 0 Shares |

Is It Safe To Even “HAVE” A Doctor These Days?

Wow, that is quite a question and who would have ever thought it would even have to come up as a question? By the way, much of this article is based on my new book, “His Hand Has Provided”. Well… 0 Shares |