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Learn How Caffeine May Help Boost Long-Term Memory

Numerous studies suggest that caffeine offers a number of different health benefits. But did you know, that new research suggests that it may help to boost long-term memory. This is great news to legions of coffee drinkers. The research was… 0 Shares |

Seven Reasons You Should Take a Lunch Break Every Day

Did you ever notice how productive you are after you spending your lunch break in a certain way? I’m not talking about how you feel after returning from lunch after eating a greasy hamburger and French fry lunch, but they… 0 Shares |

Tart Cherries Lower Blood Uric Acid Levels and Reduces Inflammation

The good news about tart cherries just keeps coming. This tiny red super fruit is fast becoming the first choice for those searching for natural ways to reduce inflammation and pain due to arthritis and gout. The November 2014 edition… 0 Shares |

How to Make Seven Different Detox and Fat Flushing Drinks

Check out these seven great tasting drinks to flush fat and detox your body. Best of all you can also eat the ingredients used to make the drinks, too. However, the additional ingredients are mainly to enhance the taste of… 0 Shares |

Forget Banana’s and Check out These Five Great Tasting Foods that Deliver Even More Potassium per Serving

Bananas have long been promoted as a top natural source of potassium. It is often the first choice for athletes and weekend warriors looking to replenish the potassium levels after a workout. While it’s true this long, yellow fruit offers… 0 Shares |

Large, Round Everyday Fruit Helps to Boost Sexual Arousal in Women

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is the popular proverb, however the results of a recently published study indicates this tasty fruit also has the ability to help boost sexual pleasure and enjoyment in women. According to published… 0 Shares |

Sevens Reasons to Drink Cherry Juice Every Day

It’s cherry harvest time. Starting the second week of July and until the end of the month, the annual tart cherry season is here. This means those looking for a natural way to fight joint pain, get a better night’s… 0 Shares |

Simple Heart Healthy Summer Grilling Tips

Warm weather provides the perfect reason for outdoor grilling. Spending time with family and friends, while preparing delicious foods and enjoying a cold beverage are all a great plus. However, the warm temperatures also provide a cornucopia of fresh foods… 0 Shares |

Step-by-Step Guide for Fighting Arthritis Pain Naturally

Living with joint pain is a daily issue for millions of people. It can not only reduce the quality of life for an individual it can also have a long-term physiological negative physiological impact, too. According to the Arizona Department… 0 Shares |

Heat Your Home with Cherry Pits – A Renewable, Biomass Alternative Fuel

Heat Your Home with Cherry Pits – A Biomass Alternative Fuel Tart cherries have been long known for their ability to fight joint pain caused by gout and arthritis. However, did you know the pit of the cherry is one… 0 Shares |