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Luke Jones is the creator of Health Room, a blog dedicated to exploring and sharing ideas in plant based nutrition, movement, mindfulness and sustainability. Luke is a graduate of Imperial College London, a martial artist, nutritionist and advocate of a plant based diet. He likes climbing things that are out of reach, and loves helping others realise their full health potential. To connect with him, visit his site at http://herohealthroom.com

5 Simple Things You Can Do Today to Get More Movement Into Your Life 

Although civilization has advanced at an impressive rate, unfortunately our progress has gone hand in hand with the decline in our ability to move our bodies. As opposed to being outdoors in our natural environment running, climbing, lifting, crawling and… 0 Shares |

High Animal Protein Intake Linked to Increased Cancer, Diabetes and Mortality

The amount of protein we need to maintain optimal health has long been debated. The modern-day hunter gatherer Paleo people would perhaps suggest that a higher intake of animal protein is best. Conversely, the vegan, plant eaters would usually point… 0 Shares |

Substantial Health Benefits Shown from Salt Reduction

An excess consumption of salt has been linked with a large number of health issues;  including an increased risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stomach cancer and overall mortality. Despite the evidence, salt consumption in the modern world remains very high.… 0 Shares |

Benefits of Vitamin D That We Should Be Talking About

Last week we looked at a few of the supplements that might be necessary to take if you consume a plant-based diet. One such supplement that I mentioned was vitamin D; the sunshine vitamin. This fat soluble hormone is typically… 0 Shares |

Berry Intake May Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risk

We’ve all heard about the big benefits of the common berry. Despite their small size, berries are typically rich in a number of antioxidants. These antioxidants are believed to counteract disease promoting free radicals, produced when cells are damaged during… 0 Shares |

7 Steps to Help You Stick to Your New Year Fitness Goals

We’re reaching that time of year where for many people; the motivation from countless New Year’s Resolutions and fitness goals is starting to dwindle. The early January buzz is beginning to fade, and there’s the ever looming threat that your… 0 Shares |

3 Supplements For A Plant Based Diet

Whether it’s for the health benefits, ethical reasons, or environmental concerns; it seems like everyday more and more people are moving towards a whole-food, plant-based diet. But not everyone is convinced. Many people are uncertain whether this way of eating… 0 Shares |