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Candie Jean Bluemel is a Swedish-British investigative journalist who has specialized in uncovering the health industry. For Natural News she investigates, for example the Daily Guidelines and new diets, to truly find out if they're as accurate and health beneficial as they're made out to be. "In the nutrition and health industry it's always someone who's after your money, but I make sure that it's not your health that has to pay the price!"

Orthorexia: When healthy living makes you sick

In today’s health rave a new eating disorder has been born. Orthorexia, when healthy living makes you sick. Is it possible to eat too healthy? Can regular exercise turn into a bad obsession? According to, Hanna Kihlander – from the… 0 Shares |

Cure magnesium deficiency naturally

To cure magnesium deficiency naturally may just be unparalleled to all other treatments. It takes you only a matter of minutes to read this article, but – going with the latest research – it might actually save your life. By… 0 Shares |