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I am a descendent of a long line of acupuncturists. My grandfather was a pharmacist and an acupuncturist in Korea. My mother has been practicing acupuncture and traditional oriental medicine for over 20 years in California. I have witnessed what oriental medicine and acupuncture can achieve with a broad range of patients, including those that have grown dissatisfied with Western Medicine and those that continue to treat with Western Medicine. You can find out more about me at my webiste @ harryleelac.com

Fat: The Missing Link

Not all fats are created equal. Starting from the 1960’a when a physiologist named Ancel Keys published the seminal paper knowns as the “Seven Countries Study” in the 1963, the public were taught to demonize all fats from saturated fats… 0 Shares |

GMO/Conventional/Processed Foods vs. Super/Organic Foods

Many of us have heard of Organic foods and how they are becoming a trend in the United States and all over the world. Pesticides and herbicides, while arguably necessary to combat the devastation of our food crops by swarms… 0 Shares |

Good Butter vs Bad Butter

Good Butter vs Bad Butter  We all have been there picking out the “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” and vegetable oils products thinking that it would be better for us than the ordinary butters. We did this because we… 0 Shares |

Avoid vaccination and becoming sick this flu season, go the healthy way

Avoid the flu vaccination and stay healthy the natural way If you hate the feeling of headaches or just that grogginess in the morning after taking over the counter cold medications or you are like me in avoiding the flu… 0 Shares |