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Hannah is a self-confessed juiceaholic, wacky juice recipe guinea pig and the founder of JustJuice.org, where you'll find easy-to-practice juicing tips and advice on using Mother Nature's best to treat common yet pesky health conditions.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wheatgrass Juice

If you’ve been looking for ways to stay one step ahead of an unhealthy body, the chances are you’ve already heard of wheatgrass and its potency. But just incase you haven’t, wheatgrass has been rumoured to be better at helping… 0 Shares |

Best Foods to Fight Mucus Congestion

Phlegm. Even sounds like a dirty word, doesn’t it? And it’s certainly not a pleasure to have. Especially when you’ve got a build up of it in your nose and chest. This build-up of phlegm is more commonly known as… 0 Shares |