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I have been nicknamed Mom on a Mission. Mother of 5, one hubby, 5 cats, 1 dog, 36 chickens My mission has been of nutrition, beating childhood cancer and going gluten free. My now 14 year old son was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma of the right hip in 2011. It was during this difficult time and using various suppliments and gluten free foods our son is now in remission. Because of this remarkable recovery I started Versameal LLC having created the first ever 100% whole grain naturally gluten free baking and bread mix without the use of starches, gums or chemicals such as mythylcellulose.

Kids, Cancer and Gluten Free: Ethan’s Doctor report “Remission!!!”

It has been a while since I last posted regarding Ethan’s cancer and using gluten free in his diet. What a journey! Ethan had his followup appointment a week ago and all the scans, PET, MRI and blood work show… 0 Shares |

Let Food Be Your Medicine? Part 2 Whole Grains Naturally Gluten Free

In my last blog post I discussed the Hippocratic Theory of letting food be medicine for the body. I also focused in on various fruits and vegetables showing the array of vitamins and minerals that naturally occur which our bodies… 0 Shares |

Let Food be your medicine? The Hippocratic Theory Part 1

The ancient greek physician Hippocrates is known as the father of western medicine and for the saying, “Let food be your medicine and medicine your food”. His theory of medicine also revealed in the Hippocratic Oath… ‘Do no harm’ an… 0 Shares |

Kids, Cancer and Gluten Free: Ethan’s Story Part 2 “Hello! this is your body talking!”

In the first part of Ethan’s story I shared the discovery of how his cravings for certain things were the tip off his body needed certain vitamins and minerals. The initial discovery revealed he needed high doses of vitamin C… 0 Shares |

Kids, Cancer and Gluten Free… Ethan’s Story Part 1

When our son Ethan was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma of the soft tissue specifically the right Illiac or hip Christmas of 2011, the doctors  discovered a large tumor that decimated the hip bone. It was of course a nightmare of… 0 Shares |