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I'm a health blogger and have been helping folks online and offline since 2007. I coach folks on how to lower blood sugar, control diabetes and reclaim their health by embarking on the low carb high fat diet and lifestyle. Please visit my website: https://fitandhealthybeyond50.com/ for more articles on health and nutrition.

7 Superfoods That Are Nutrient Dense and Extremely Healthy

Every time you have a meal, you’re either nourishing your body so that you can maintain good health or you’re starving it of vital nutrients. So it’s vital that you feed yourself with the most nutrient dense foods that are… 0 Shares |

Six Foods That Diabetics Should Avoid

There’s a whole lot of misleading information around regarding the types of foods that a Type 2 diabetic or someone with prediabetes can eat. I’ve seen lots of articles from health sites saying eating certain foods or supplements will help… 0 Shares |