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The Need for Global Health Security – More Critical Than Ever Before

The need for global health security is clear.  People around the world are more connected than in any time in human history.  Distances and borders no longer protect humans from diseases, viruses — and epidemics. Pick any two major cities… 0 Shares |

Staggering New Data Shows Serious Depression Epidemic in America

This month, Mental Health America (MHA) shared some staggering new numbers related to depression in America.  In 2014, the nation’s community-based nonprofit leader in mental health support, recovery and advocacy began screening people for mental health issues using their online,… 0 Shares |

How to Grow Your Own Supply of Turmeric Indoors

Turmeric is a golden colored, strongly flavored ancient spice with a wide range of health benefits.  Renowned for centuries as both food and medicine, turmeric has resurfaced within the health and nutrition communities thanks to curcumin — the healing substance… 0 Shares |

France Is the First Country to Ban All Plastic Dishware

France leads the way by being the first country to initiate a widespread ban on plastic dishware.  This is the country’s most recent effort to reduce pollution and be more environmental friendly. France will ban the sales of single-use plastic… 0 Shares |

You Should Never Mix These Common Cleaning Products

Many common cleaning products are helpful to have around your home or office.  But mixing some of these products can cause toxic fumes, irritating acids, and gases that may be very harmful to your health. At times, many of us… 0 Shares |

Poisonous Algae Blooms Threaten Ecosystems and People in U.S.

Serious outbreaks of poisonous algae blooms have hit 20 states in the United States this summer.  Many of these dangerous occurrences are in surprising places like mountain lakes and streams. Though algae blooms are a normal part of summer, the… 0 Shares |

New Study Provides First Evidence That Natural Essential Oils Counteract Inflammation Caused By Polluted Air

Certain ingredients in essential oils made from plants could provide a natural treatment of liver and lung conditions caused by air pollution.  They may also help in counteracting inflammation. This recent study evaluated the value of using specific essential oil… 0 Shares |

Lacking Education May Be as Deadly as Being a Smoker

Lacking education may be as deadly as being a current, rather than former smoker.  A study on higher education and life expectancy suggests people with a higher education reap the benefits of living longer. When it comes to improving and… 0 Shares |

Overlooked Benefit of Healthy Lifestyle Programs is ‘Improved Quality-of-Life’

A healthy lifestyle has more value than just the numbers on a scale or a blood pressure reading.  An often-overlooked benefit of a healthy lifestyle is measured through an improved “health-related quality-of-life.” Scientists are able to show that people who… 0 Shares |

5 Health Food Store Products with Hidden Dangers

A health food store is a place to go for a wide selection of organic food, local produce, health food, and nutritional supplements.  In addition to specialized food, most health food stores also sell a variety of personal care and… 0 Shares |