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For The First Time, Scientist Communicate With A Patient In Coma Condition

For the first time, researchers in Canada were able to communicate with a patient who has been in vegetative (coma) condition for the last 12 years. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner was used to look at the patients brain,… 0 Shares |

Google: You Have ‘No Legitimate Expectation of Privacy’

A recent document, filed by Google’s lawyers revealed, that users who send emails to Gmail have “no reasonable expectation of privacy”. The brief was filed on July 13th 2013 in response to a class action complaint against Google to the… 0 Shares |

Gluten Intolerance Fully Explained

We hear alot about gluten and gluten intolerance – that wheat, barley, rye and oats should be avoided and in a few weeks you should feel much better. But what exactly is gluten intolerance, how does it happen? Wheat contains… 0 Shares |

Detoxification From Deadly Chemtrails

While mainstream media is still portraying chemtrails as a conspiracy theory, more and more evidence comes out about geoengineering program and its toxicity. The geoengineering program is open, but details are classified. What we know for sure from independent research… 0 Shares |

NSA Had Backdoors To Windows Computers For Atleast 14 Years

In a continuous stream of NSA spying revelations, the latest news are that NSA has backdoors to all Microsoft Windows systems – and had it since at least 1999. There have been many questions raised in the past about the… 0 Shares |

Online Privacy And Security Tips Everyone Should Know About

With recent revelations about the NSA spying, more and more people are getting concerned about making their online data secure.  The problem is, that data security is such a big topic to dive in to, most people give up on… 0 Shares |