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In Praise of Veggies

In Praise of Veggies – Vegetables Are So Good Because… …BECAUSE THEY’RE NUTRIENT RICH AND NUTRIENT DENSE Vegetables are a great source of nutrients such as folate (folic acid helps your body create red blood cells), potassium (which is good… 0 Shares |

Your Doctor Prescribed WHAT?

Did you see the article called “Drugs doctors won’t take”? It was published several years ago now, and variations on that attention-grabbing title have been used many times since. Why? Because there’s a lot of interest in knowing what doctors… 0 Shares |

Why You Should Reject All Those Low-Fat Eating Plans

I love this subject. You know why? Because for too long we’ve relied on health officials — and they get things wrong. And many times they’re slow to admit it. It’s time “we the people” were more informed about health… 0 Shares |

Beware of Health Foods

Beware of These So-Called Health Foods: Unpacking the Marketing Speak Food labels are sales tools. It’s vital to remember that, so we don’t get sucked into believing the slogans on the front of the packets. With more people aware of… 0 Shares |