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Paul Fallavollita is the guy that your professors warned you about. Fallavollita's columns have appeared at Moleskinerie, Ether Zone, The American Partisan, Spintech, LewRockwell.com, and Enter Stage Right. Fallavollita earned his Master of Arts degree in political science from Purdue University. Having grown up in Massachusetts, he moved to Upstate South Carolina as fast as he could. A latte addict, he works in financial services and is owned by a cat.

Google “Free Speech”: No Results

Google engineer James Damore was recently terminated from his employment with the search engine giant as a result of a post he made to an internal discussion board calling for greater “viewpoint diversity.” In recent years, conservatives have been increasingly… 0 Shares |

Mainstream Media Hides REAL ID Privacy Provision

South Carolina’s legislature, in its effort to comply with the federal REAL ID Act standards tightening the security surrounding driver’s licenses, wisely included a provision allowing citizens to “opt out.” Those choosing to opt out won’t be able to fly… 0 Shares |

Grassroots Rapid Response Teams Can Save Free Speech

FISHING FOR HERETICS New Hampshire State Representative Robert Fisher, a Republican representing Laconia, was “outed” by The Daily Beast as an alleged founder/contributor of a “red pill” men’s rights online forum. Apparently, these “journalists” (AKA the “opposition party”) found some… 0 Shares |

The True Meaning of Loyalty Day

MAY DAY? Loyalty Day graced us on May 1 this year. I made it a point to wish the folks in my life a “Happy Loyalty Day,” and the results proved educational. Most people, it seems, do not know that… 0 Shares |

Avoiding the Trap of Offense and Grievance-Mongering

Pepsi. United Airlines. Sean Spicer. At first, I thought that maybe I should give a quick re-cap of the details surrounding the recent controversies in the news related to these entities. After all, readers who missed the pertinent media reports… 0 Shares |

8 Reasons Why Russia Prefers Republican Administrations in the U.S.

The mainstream media, chasing its tail as usual with the “Russians involved in American elections” nothingburger, claim that there’s a behind-the-scenes debate in national security circles as to whether the Russians prefer Republican or Democratic presidential administrations in the United… 0 Shares |

How Should We Respond to Soros School’s “SOS”?

KOS…COL…OST…WHAT!? David Kostelancik—not exactly a household name—defended a George Soros-funded institution in Hungary (specifically, Central European University). The problem with Mr. Colonoscopy (Soros’ useful idiots all deserve unflattering nicknames): he serves as the local Charge d’Affaires of the United States.… 0 Shares |

Trump’s Next Step In Taking On The Mainstream Media

TRUMP’S ANTI-MSM PATTERN The mainstream media continues overreacting to President Trump’s treatment of their “journalists.” Last month, the media felt scandalized by a refusal to take a question from a CNN reporter. Most recently, the taking of a question from… 0 Shares |

Will Trump Save Main Street from TiSA?

MAIN ST. VS. WALL ST. Like many corners of American society, the election of President Donald J. Trump polarizes and realigns the banking industry. The Authentic Right traditionally distinguishes between the productive “Main Street” and parasitic “Wall Street” sides of… 0 Shares |