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Dr. Megan Johnson McCullough owns a fitness studio in Oceanside CA called Every BODY's Fit. She has a Doctorate in Health and Human Performance, M.A. in Physical Education & Health Science, and she's an NASM Master Trainer & Instructor. She's also a professional natural bodybuilder, fitness model, Wellness Coach, and AFAA Group Exercise Instructor. She has 6 books on Amazon too,.

Anemia – Red blood cell’s enemy

When the blood lacks healthy red blood cells or hemoglobin, anemia can develop. We need hemoglobin to bind oxygen. When a person has too few red blood cells or hemoglobin is abnormal, then the cells in the body do not… 0 Shares |

Plantar Fasciitis: Heel to toe pain

Overly stretched, tiny tears can lead to inflammation and pain in the arch of the foot. This condition, called plantar fasciitis, accounts for nearly 1 million doctor visits per year. Our foot has a thick band of tissue called fascia… 0 Shares |

Tuberculosis: Why are we being poked??

Most of us have been tested for TB, also known as tuberculosis, for a job, school, or travel. Tuberculosis is all around us, and it was actually the leading cause of death in the 20th century. We readily take this… 0 Shares |

Vitamin D: Sunshine’s helper in our body

More and more people are finding deficiency in Vitamin D is being reported back on their bloodwork. Our body actually makes vitamin D, but only after being exposed to necessary amounts of sunlight. Vitamin D awareness is important because of… 0 Shares |

White Bread vs Wheat Bread: A carbohydrate comparison

Carbohydrates are classified as either simple or complex. This has to do with their chemical structure. Here’s the science…. for a simple carb, there are one or two sugar subunits and complex carbs have thousands of subunits. Complex carbohydrates contain… 0 Shares |

Prebiotics vs Probiotics

These two terms sound very similar and are often used interchangeably, but they are very different and have different roles for the digestive system. Gut health is extremely important so understanding the difference can help stomach issues and better movement… 0 Shares |

Arthritis: The number cause of disability in America

One in every 5 adults is dealing with arthritis. This pain and stiffness can come in over 100 types. It is all about your joints which is where the bones connect. Think of your knees, hips, and wrists. Joint areas… 0 Shares |

Age spots – Facing pigmentation

We do a full examination of our face in the mirror practically every day as if it is part of our morning or evening routine. We stare at every blemish and watch the effects of aging take place with a… 0 Shares |

Fried food – Adding calories and fat to your dish

Most people are well aware that fried foods are not good for your waistline or health. Yet, turning down French fries is an act of willpower and strength. The bottom line is that fried foods are high in fat, calories,… 0 Shares |

Orange Juice – pros and cons of the breakfast beverage

Orange juice is a breakfast favorite and comes in different varieties. This liquid extract can come from blood oranges, Valencia oranges, navel oranges, tangerine, or clementines. Some types include more pulp than others. Drinking orange juice can be just a… 0 Shares |