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Megan Johnson McCullough owns a fitness studio in Oceanside CA called Every BODY's Fit. She has an M.A. in Physical Education & Health Science, is a current candidate for her Doctorate in Health & Human Performance, and she's an NASM Master Trainer & Instructor. She's also a professional natural bodybuilder, fitness model, Wellness Coach, and AFAA Group Exercise Instructor.

Vertigo: The inner ear’s roller coaster effect

Vertigo is an off balanced sensation that makes a person feel like they are spinning and dizzy. There are a number of reasons one might experience this. It is most commonly associated with inner ear problems because the inner ear… 0 Shares |

Garlic: Worth the bad breath

Garlic comes from Central Asia and northeastern Iran. However, it is a seasoning that is used all over the world. This spice is a relative to onion, leek, chives, and shallots. It is readily used for cooking and sautéing. The… 0 Shares |

Contacts: Wear them with caution

Wearing contacts is a convenient correction to vision that eliminates the extra pair of glasses. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 41 million contact lens wearers in the U.S. are practicing at least one… 0 Shares |

Blood Pressure 101

A yearly physical or even just a normal visit to the doctor can involve having your blood pressure checked. Not everyone understands why or how important this information can be. Understanding the basics about blood pressure can lead to making… 0 Shares |

Wine vs Beer: Alcohol and your diet plan

Did you know that the FDA doesn’t require nutrition facts for alcoholic beverages?? Does this mean that innocence is bliss when it comes to alcohol and your diet plan?? What you don’t know doesn’t count or doesn’t hurt you?? Well,… 0 Shares |

Hand Sanitizer: Does it work??

Washing hands with soap and water is the best way to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. When this gel first hit the market, we were prone to believe it would stop all germs in their tracks.  However, in certain… 0 Shares |

Heat or Ice? Which remedy to use

Heat and ice are natural at home remedies for many aches and pains. However, depending on your particular problem, there is a preferential treatment for alleviation. In general, heat increases blood flow which helps tight muscles to relax and helps… 0 Shares |

Cigars vs Cigarettes: The lesser of two cancer causing evils

While both cigars and cigarettes contain tobacco, there are some differences between these two forms of smoking. The obvious, visible difference is that a cigar is wrapped in leaf tobacco, while a cigarette is wrapped in paper that does not… 0 Shares |

Vaping: The smoker’s switch to electronic

E-cigarettes, also called vaping, can now be found everywhere across the country. Some look like a real cigarette, but they’re battery operated. There are different brands and different looks to the tanks. No matter the look, they all work the… 0 Shares |

Hunger Hormones: Knowing when to eat and when to stop

Having a heathy appetite, one that says “I’m hungry”, then “I’m full”, is part of a cat and mouse game we play daily. The majority of us have no problem wanting to eat, but stopping is whole other event. The… 0 Shares |