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A drunk driver pretty much destroyed my health a month before my first birthday. Doctors said I was fine--for years. Finally realizing my health was up to me, I started researching. I got out the health ditch I was in, and found my future: Giving people the information they need to understand how to take control of their own health. It's been an amazing journey, and I look forward to all that is yet to come.

Help, I Have a Fatty Liver! Now What?

Rivers from Connecticut asks: “My husband (age 64) and I (age 65) both have non-alcoholic fatty liver. What do you recommend for this condition?” First, let’s define non-alcoholic fatty liver. Fatty liver is a benign-sounding name for liver cirrhosis. The… 0 Shares |

The Reach-Out-And-Touch-Everything Immune System

Did you ever wonder how your body protects itself from disease? More important, did you ever wonder how you could help get the job done? Well, you probably know that your immune system leads the battle against diseases. And you… 0 Shares |

Is Your Liver Talking to You?

Liver disease is on the warpath–from sea to shining sea and around the world. If you have endocrine problems, the liver tsunami probably hit you. Perhaps your endo problems whacked the liver. Or maybe vice versa. It’s kind of like… 0 Shares |

Your Genes Are Not Your Destiny

Genetic testing is a hot topic these days. And it’s pretty scary stuff. Find out what’s going on with your genetic inheritance and get rid of the bad parts; otherwise, you’re doomed. Doomed, I tell you! Well, dramatic statements aside,… 0 Shares |

Polysorbate 80: A Little-Known Health Enemy

I tell you true, we’re surrounded by enemies everywhere. Worse, we don’t know about a whole lot of bad actors because if we did, we’d avoid them. And the purveyors of bad actors won’t let that happen. Here’s how it… 0 Shares |

Negative Ions Fight Indoor Pollution

In my earlier article, “When Negative Is Good,” I talked about positive and negative ions. Positive ions drag us down while negative ions bring ease and comfort. Unfortunately, positive ions are on the march all around the world. Creating and… 0 Shares |

Negative Ions Are Your Friends

Let’s talk about ions. What’s an ion, you might ask. Or, perhaps more importantly, why do I need to know about ions? Atoms are made up of electrons, protons,and neutrons. When atoms are joined together, they make a molecule, and… 0 Shares |

Prescription Drugs That Whack Your Thyroid

Many prescription drugs make life hard for your thyroid. •    Some put the brakes on the TSH that tells your thyroid to start pumping thyroid hormone. •    Others make it hard for your thyroid hormone to go where it needs… 0 Shares |

Introducing Your Immune System

As your body’s official Defense Department, the immune system protects against all enemies. Toxins in the air. Viruses and bacteria that get into the body. Everything. And immune system headquarters is smack-dab in the middle of the most interactive, butt-into-everybody-else’s-business… 0 Shares |

The Misery of Bloating

It’s more than a little depressing when somebody smiles at your stomach and asks when your due date is, and you’re not pregnant. Especially if you’re a guy. And trying to explain about bloating isn’t much of a comeback, to… 0 Shares |