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Eliezer writes on issues of public health including nutrition, exercise, and effectiveness of drugs and medical procedures. He has trained in a course as an EMT, is certified by Dr. John McDougall in the Starch Solution program, and continues to expand his medical knowledge by taking courses offered by major universities and medical schools – ranging from Epidemiology to Vaccine Safety. He is currently studying to be a Plant-Based Chef. He lectures throughout Israel and offers courses and training online. More details and articles can be found at his website "The Fountain of Youth" (www.eliezergreenspan.com). On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheFountainOfYouth.Nutrition.Health

Culinary Rx: An Apple a Day vs a Statin Drug

Tens of millions of people worldwide are put on statins for the purpose of lowering cholesterol levels. The assumption being that by lowering cholesterol levels, the risk of a heart attack will also be reduced. The large majority of these… 0 Shares |

Too much Salt and too little Potassium?

Both salt and potassium are critical to your overall health. They are both crucial in the maintenance of normal blood pressure. A recent study published in the British Medical Journal (see References below) found some interesting data. The World Health… 0 Shares |