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Dayna Colvin is a holistic natural living self-care writer. She hopes to inspire her readers with her writing to make healthy holistic self-care choices and enjoy a very small carbon footprint on Mother Earth. She is a very active environmental advocate and animal rescue advocate. She and her husband live in the Pacific NW, USA and are happy thankful parents of an adorable little boy and share their home with 2 adorable sweet cats, their furry babies. You can reach her via email at permadeva at yahoo dot com. Dayna shares her ideas and thoughts about holistic organic self-care on her Holistic Organic Self-Care Blog: http://www.daynacolvin.com

Healing Benefits of Turmeric

I love turmeric. It is a holistic, herbal, healing rockstar and always helps me feel better when I have painful inflammation in my body. I sprinkle a dash of it in all my delicious healing meals everyday and I sprinkle… 0 Shares |

Holistic Natural Remedies and Tips For Grief and Stress

I’m a sensitive disabled Mother caregiver for my special needs little boy and I can tell you that I suffer from daily stress and emotional difficulties.  I’m human and I have a lot on my plate.  I have good days… 0 Shares |

Cannabis Is A Wonderful Healing Plant

This past year, I learned about a wonderful healing plant known as cannabis. I read about all the wonderful healing benefits men and women have experienced when treating their physical pain and mental health distress with cannabis. I’ve also read… 0 Shares |

Peppermint and Ginger Are Wonderful Healing Herbs For Self-Care

Peppermint and ginger are two of my favorite healing herbs. I discovered peppermint when I was 10 years old and I have used it all my life for treating all my ailments, especially indigestion. I discovered ginger 20 years ago… 0 Shares |

Healthy Tips To Enjoy Organic Green Beauty

When it comes to smelling and looking good, my motto is, wear organic or wear nothing. I’m a very simple down-to-earth woman. I prefer to keep my beauty and cleanliness self-care simple and natural. I’d like to share some helpful… 0 Shares |

Imagine A World Without Big Pharma

What would you do if you woke up one day and discovered that all the mainstream conventional physicians and big pharma medications disappeared? What if you found out that the only type of medicine that still existed on Earth were… 0 Shares |