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5 Secrets You Should Know When Treating Candida

5 Secrets You Should Know When Treating Candida With more and more people discovering the need to address candida in order to regain and optimize their health, it can be helpful to know some secrets about candida that are seldom… 0 Shares |

Driving Under the Influence of Candida

Driving Under the Influence of Candida There’s a rare syndrome called Gut Fermentation Syndrome, which is also known as Auto-Brewery Syndrome, Ethanol Fermentation Syndrome, Syndrome X, and one or two other names. You don’t hear too much about it, or… 0 Shares |

The Medical Plague

The Medical Plague of antibiotic resistance is predicted to kill more than 300 million people by 2050 (1). That’s more people within the next 35 years than the 75 million killed by the Black Plague. Is the Medical Plague set… 0 Shares |

Posthospital Syndrome

Posthospital syndrome is a term used to describe the vulnerability of a patient to a wide range of conditions after having spent any time in a hospital. What this means, is that instead of everyone coming out healthier, many come… 0 Shares |

Antibiotics & Candida

Antibiotics & candida. The two go hand-in-hand. Nothing else is guaranteed to create a systemic candida fungal infection in the body as fast, or as effectively as antibiotics. Nothing else but antibiotics cause systemic fungal candida infections on a routine… 0 Shares |

Are Your Bacteria Smarter Than Your Doctor?

Are your bacteria smarter than your doctor? Absolutely! Some bacteria are naturally resistant to antibiotics. This comes from past exposures and the subsequent development of resistance. These bacteria are called persisters. They are unaffected by all antibiotics, and theoretically lie… 0 Shares |

Take Antibiotics, Get Candida!

It takes a while for science to catch up to what is already known by many people through observation and personal experience. This study from the University of Chicago is a good example. It’s also good to finally see science… 0 Shares |

The Truth About Antibiotics

The truth about antibiotics isn’t something that you’re likely to find out about from any doctor or institution. The truth about antibiotics has been so buried beneath decades of arrogance and misinformation, that even they don’t know it. Ever since… 0 Shares |

When Healthcare Isn’t healing

Healthcare isn’t healing when the interests of the patient are placed second to the interests of the doctor. This often happens in practice-centered models of care, instead of patient-centered models of care. The goal of the practice-centered model is to… 0 Shares |

Cure Candida Without Causing Disease

Can you cure candida without causing disease? There is a lot of confusion about what is and isn’t effective against candida. Many websites promote this treatment and that treatment, with the people behind the websites having very little knowledge about… 0 Shares |