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Dr. Lauren Deville is a naturopathic physician at Nature Cure Family Health in Tucson, Arizona.

Leaky Gut and the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)

What Leaky Gut Is The terms “leaky gut” and increased intestinal permeability refer to the same thing, and the idea is this: the junctions in your small intestine ought to be tight enough that nothing can get in or out… 0 Shares |

Getting Rid of SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth)

You might have gas and bloating, alternating constipation and diarrhea, or reflux for a number of reasons. These symptoms are hallmarks of many underlying conditions. But if you feel full after eating just a few bites of food… If you… 0 Shares |

Your Hair Loss Might Be Coming From Your Gut

Many of my patients come to me with chronic hair loss. They’ve been to dermatologists, and are told there’s nothing wrong. All the lab markers look perfect. They’ve tried biotin, the classic hair loss supplement, and a number of other… 0 Shares |

Why You Can Eat Bread In Europe But Not In The United States

Maybe you once struggled with joint and muscle pain, or perhaps chronic bloating or diarrhea. Perhaps you used to feel fatigued all the time. Everybody you knew was talking about going “gluten free,” and said how much better they felt… 0 Shares |

The Hidden Problem with Your Digestion

A huge percentage of people who seem perfectly healthy on the outside go through life feeling quietly bloated and uncomfortable. It seems like everyone around them can eat anything they like with no obvious consequences, while they seem to react… 0 Shares |