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Kristin lives in a little town in Washington with her husband (Kyle), and dog (Nimbus). Her passion is to bring her readers the art of clean-living, self-acceptance, and the natural path to longevity in a basic, attainable manner. You can learn more about her at www.KristinBish.com

Tips For Smart Eating On A Budget

I became frustrated when googling “Eating on a Budget” and finding blog posts from clearly wealthy people who call having $400 per month per couple for food a “small budget.” I’m here to give you some tips for eating smart… 0 Shares |

14 Things You Didn’t Know EBT Could Pay For

First off: No shame. We all go through difficult times and need help once in a while. This post is not to debate the effectiveness, use, or misuse of government help, but rather to help those who are on government… 0 Shares |

Baby Body Image

I want to talk a little about having a positive body image during pregnancy. As a woman, loving your body when it’s just your own is hard enough. Continuing to love it as it becomes a vessel for someone else… 0 Shares |

Cloth Wipes For Adults – How? And More Importantly, Why?

I have an overactive bladder. Or maybe just a small one. Either way, I pee all the time. I mean, ALL the time. It’s just the way my body is, and it’s only gotten worse since becoming pregnant. This became… 0 Shares |

How I Overcame My Depression and Anxiety Without Medication

I’ve always been a sensitive person. At age 6 I developed a hole in my stomach due to the stress of public school, and had to be taken out and homeschooled. At age 14 I was put on Zoloft, and… 0 Shares |

Turn your morning cup of coffee into a nutritionally packed powerhouse!

Be it coffee or tea, I love having a morning beverage to look forward to. I’m a beverage kind of girl. I would rather have a yummy coffee instead of breakfast, a smoothie instead of lunch, and tea, kombucha, water,… 0 Shares |

The Gluten Project

I wanted to take a closer look at this whole gluten thing. So many people are boycotting it, and even milk cartons are boasting about being gluten free. Is this necessary? Does most of the population have a gluten intolerance,… 0 Shares |

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

It’s getting chilly outside, and my top priority this season is to happily enjoy all the festivities that fall and winter have to give! This means keeping myself and my family healthy, even on the go. Store bough hand sanitizer… 0 Shares |

The Problem With Your Toilet

When it comes to the bathroom, things can get a bit complicated. It’s no secret that the modern American diet is greatly lacking in real food and is laden with preservatives, chemicals, and far too little nutrition. If you couple… 0 Shares |

Keeping The Cold and Flu Away – Part 2

In part one, we went over the importance of what you put into your body and how arming yourself with the right nutrients is essential to keeping bugs away. In part two I want to take a look at some… 0 Shares |