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Desiree Thomson works as marketing manager at a London Christmas tree company. She loves her job because she gets to meet all sorts of people and learns from their experience and knowledge. Desiree is interested in green living, blogging and yoga.

The Secret to a Stress-Free Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to escape from the tedious daily routine, but it can also turn into a nightmare and become the most stressful time of the year. Since Christmas is when all the family gets together and sometimes… 0 Shares |

Cancer-Fighting Foods Right From Your Garden

We live in an age where the reports about the spread and appearance of diseases aren’t that shocking. The statistics show an increase in the cases of cancer, diabetes, and other health problems. All of them are one way or… 0 Shares |

The Art of Japanese Gardens

Japan is the home of many arts and traditions. Over the centuries, Japanese gardens have become a distinctive feature of the country’s culture and symbols. They can calm even the busiest mind and help a person feel relaxed. A traditional… 0 Shares |