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A Quick Interview Guide for the Pregnant Job-Seeker

Among life’s greatest challenges, our careers and our children stand far above the rest of our concerns. But what happens when the two collide? When Marissa Mayer became Yahoo’s latest CEO in the summer of 2012, she did so while… 0 Shares |

What the Dates on Your Food Really Mean

In today’s society, our grocery stores have become a means for obtaining more than just common food. The grocery store is, in fact, a place of competition: of store against store, brand against brand and, strangely enough, labels against the… 0 Shares |

Walk Yourself Healthy: 10 Ways Walking Improves Your Overall Health

There can be no denying that exercise is essential to one’s overall happiness and well-being. The amount of exercise required to maintain a healthy “you” can vary from person to person and depends on diet, genetics, and other factors. In… 0 Shares |

3 Simple & Free Life Changes You Can Make Today

The Internet is full of self-help articles about simple ways to improve your life overnight. This is not one of them. None of these three things will happen overnight, but they are simple. They’re so simple that they’ll probably sound… 0 Shares |

A Late-Summer Reminder to Have Fun the Healthy Way This Fall

I found out recently that the CDC has extensive records not only of the numbers and types of deaths across the country, but also of the potential life we’re losing each year. Did you think this was going to be… 0 Shares |

Moving? Here Are 5 Easy and Therapeutic Ways to Keep Stress to a Minimum

Many people consider moving to a new place one of the most stressful things they’ll ever do. Some of them try to get a grip on stress levels by eating, drinking, or smoking excessively during the weeks leading up to… 0 Shares |