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Johnny D Symon works as an analyst and has written a column for Renew America for almost 10 years. As an historian he gradually found himself focusing on the 20th Century, from the birth of the non-federal private cartel named the Federal Reserve, and its side-kick the non-federal private corporation, named the IRS, through two rogue banker created world wars, and all things resultant unto the present. He considers the war to end all wars, as the war against shadow banking and corrupted government, for and by "We the people."

Pure Motivation

With yet another new project of mine getting underway, I began, as always, to think about motives. Leaving aside the mechanism behind my projects, I began to plumb the depths of my motivation: Why am I undertaking this particular project?… 0 Shares |

Perfect love casteth in kefir.

Last week I wrote all about a man named Vasile Dahorea. He was an extraordinary human being, as those who read my account would no doubt concur. This week I present another true life account, no less spectacular than Vasile’s,… 0 Shares |

Life, liberty, and the pursuits of Vasile Dahorea.

There’s an old saying in Romania that roughly translates into English as, “No one knows where the shoe pinches, but he who wears it.” Way back in the year 1914 as the world slipped into war, a child was born… 0 Shares |