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I have reversed my type 2 diabetes through a raw whole live foods lifestyle and exercise. I recently published a book “A Personal Journey to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes” and I am now working to help my husband with his cancer through the same method. I hope to help others be free from illness and disease in my counseling services. - See more at: http://www.foodforlifecounseling.net/about-cherise-scally#sthash.fcelYEOX.dpuf

Are you ready to take the No Grocery Store Challenge?

As I prepare to take my family on the no grocery store challenge journey, much to their chagrin, so many thoughts fill my head. After participating in the Food Revolution Summit this week and recording my story to be aired… 0 Shares |

The state of lean…..Is it altitude or attitude?

I have just spent the best 25 days of my life in Colorado since just before Christmas. As a Texas girl who has lived in the state of bigger is better and has reversed Type 2 Diabetes it was an… 0 Shares |

Glucose control, its not just for diabetics anymore!

There is an increasing prevalence of obesity and diabetes in America and around the globe. From 1960-1980 the number of obese Americans increased 15% and by 2000 it doubled to 30%. During the time period of 1980-2000 the number of… 0 Shares |

Sunlight and Vitamin D: Why is it so important for our body

The major biological function of vitamin D is to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D helps us absorb calcium, and thus helps to form and maintain strong bones and teeth. It regulates bone mineralization in unison… 0 Shares |

Why we live to eat and not eat to live

Today I was watching “Man VS Food” and I was disgusted with what I was seeing. I have to admit I don’t watch much TV. When my friend put the show on I was amazed at how far we have… 0 Shares |