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Chris Rasmussen MD, MS.

Dr Rasmussen is an anesthesiologist by trade and holds a Master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine. He is an assistant professor, continuous education and seminar provider, personal trainer, life coach, lecturer, and author. He specializes in lifestyle modification and preventive medicine. His two websites are www.adaptiveTCM.com and www.inflaNATION.com. For consultation he can be reached at [email protected]. His new book which reveals the true perils of vaccination: ‘You’re Next: Lies, Corruption and the Dirty Business of Vaccines, is now available everywhere.

Tobacco and Cannabis Discovered to be Toxic Aluminum Accumulators

Just when you thought it was safe, we now know cannabis is rich in aluminum, adding to the body burden of this toxic metal. I have mentioned previously that aluminum is NOT an inert metal as many people assume. Far… 0 Shares |

The Toxicity Of Aluminum Adjuvant In Vaccines

Last week I mentioned how the presumed ‘safe’ ingredient aluminum may be, or is, as toxic as ethylmercury used as a preservative in vaccines. Let’s explore this fascinating topic in a bit more detail shall we? First of all, I’d… 0 Shares |

Gardasil and Hepatitis B vaccines associated with new autoimmune disease ASIA

Dear Reader, Remember when the narrative regarding vaccine safety was deliberately focused on Thimerosal an ethylmercury preservative and nothing else? Well, let’s dismiss mercury for the moment because we have a bigger problem on hand. That’s because, in 2011, Shoenfeld… 0 Shares |