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Churchill Otieno, holds a degree in Communications and Public Relations. He is an accomplished independent researcher, experienced, professional writer based in Chicago, IL past Mombasa, Kenya. He is an author and publisher for Consumer Health Digest - Joint Pain Center category since 2013. He has an additional credentials in health and lifestyle fitness. He has been writing articles on health for more than two years with interest on bone, joint health, arthritis, osteoarthritis etc. He is also a contributor to healthcentral.com and many other popular websites. His mission is to educate, empower and advocate people whose lives have changed due to arthritis joint pain. He also strive to support the families and caregivers as they learn how to advocate and care for the afflicted person.

How to lose belly fat without tedious exercise?

We all crave having a flat stomach and washboard abs, but the thought of hitting the gym always keep us away from it. Well, worry no more as there are certain tricks that can give you a flat tummy without… 0 Shares |

Latest Android Phone News, Reviews, Apps, Features and Opinion

Overview Newer Android Phones have extra features which lacks in the current Android in the market. This helps to increase the prices in relation to the manufacturer’s opinion since the phone is much better and more improved. The smart phones… 0 Shares |

8 Best Natural Home Remedies for Dry Scalp

The scalp related troubles are very stubborn for us and hard to deal with throughout our lives. Dry skin on the scalp is a common scalp issue that is encountered by many people during the dry winter months. There are… 0 Shares |

8 Best Natural Methods for Sagging Skin under the Eyes

Troubled with sagging skin? You can help tighten your sagging skin by using natural skin firming methods. The following are some of the effective natural methods for caring your sagging skin under the eyes. 1. Drink Enough Water If you… 0 Shares |

Top 5 Homemade Skin Lightening Remedies You Must Try

Many people use skin lightening products to remove discoloration and dark spots that show up on their skin. Some people even use this product to try to lighten their complexion if they feel that it is too dark. Some ingredients… 0 Shares |

Seven Symptoms of Perimenopause – What Solutions You Need to Know

A lot of women dread menopause because of the symptoms it exhibits. It is no secret that the symptoms of menopause can significantly alter the quality of life of any woman. A lot of care is therefore required to ensure… 0 Shares |

What is Menopause? Learn its Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

As a woman enters the beginning phase of menopause she has a series of choices to be made. This natural and transitional phase of life can be viewed as such, or depending upon her outlook on the situation it can… 0 Shares |

What is the Best Treatment for Stretch Marks Fade?

Fading stretch marks is something that can be done. However, it may take a very long time to accomplish it, but if you do have the patience and determination. Go for it. There is nothing better than having stretch marks… 0 Shares |

10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise

When trying to lose weight exercise can have advantages. It helps you to burn more calories which can speed up your weight loss. However, many people have busy lives and trying to fit an exercise regime into your daily schedule… 0 Shares |

Top 6 Myths About Stretch Marks

What is the truth about stretch marks? There are quite a number of myths about these marks and it’s time to clear up some things about them. MYTH #1 You get them from scratching any area that is rapidly expanding… 0 Shares |