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Check out my website at www.naturopath-doctor.com I'm a Naturopathic Doctor, Master Herbalist, and Clinical Herbalist in training. I love holistic health. I love talking about it, researching it, and using natural remedies for myself, family, and friends. So sharing my love with the world is a no-brainer. I'm also not a stranger to living life with a chronic disease, as I am a carrier of a rare, x-linked, muscular dystrophy called Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy Type 6. I am asymptomatic, but I have passed the mutated gene to my three sons, who each suffer to varying degrees from EDMD6. From this disease, I've learned patience, empathy, and a lot of insight into how to live with degenerative, chronic illnesses. At my website, www.naturopath-doctor.com, I offer online holistic health consultations, using hair analysis to better understand why you feel sick. Need a doctor supervised weight loss? I got the program for you and will help you get those stubborn pounds off. Want to detox but not sure how, or what supplements to use? I utilize years of experience in detoxing protocols and have pharmaceutical grade supplements to provide you with a gentle, effective cleansing and detoxification program. Come see me over at my website, naturopath-doctor.com, and contact me today!

Anti-aging Tips To Help You Become A Strong, Healthy Adult

Anti-aging Tips You’ll Need To Know If You Want To Live To Be 100 Do you know any centenarians so you can ask them their anti-aging tips? (And no, that’s not a mythical creature.)  I bet you don’t. It’s a… 0 Shares |

The 3 Flatulence Commandments You Must Learn Now

Flatulence and You–What Can It Tell Us? Unfortunately, the human body was created to have flatulence.  Sometimes it is unwanted because let’s face it, who want’s to ride next to a gassy person on the subway or bus? Ever stroll… 0 Shares |

Discover Four New Ways to Use Charcoal–And They Don’t Include Barbecuing

Charcoal As A Natural Health Tool? When was the last time you opened a bag of charcoal and thought, “Hmm, I think this might be a tool to help me become healthier”?  Uh, never!  But it’s true that there are… 0 Shares |

Amazing Immunity Building Juice You Have Got To Try Right Now

Winter is the “perfect storm” for cold and flu.  The cold weather forces you indoors. Of course, you’re then stuck sitting near the person coughing up a lung.  But if you were to try this immunity building juice, your immune… 0 Shares |

Ten Herbs To Utterly Change Your Life

Honestly, I realize it might be a bold statement to claim that by taking ten herbs your life can be utterly changed, but what if it was a fact?  Could there possibly be ten life altering herbs that you could… 0 Shares |

5 Herbs To Boost Immunity To The Next Level That You Have Got To Try

Most people understand that we live in a polluted world. And we need stronger immune systems in order to flourish in such harsh conditions.  We need immunity like Godzilla. And so are we.  Our immune system needs help, and herbs… 0 Shares |

Warning: Vitamin B Deficiency Can Make You Sick

The ever-popular B Vitamins.  Without a doubt, they’re beneficial, especially for symptoms of fatigue.  Probably, you could ask any elderly person and they’ll tell you a nice, big shot of B vitamins is exactly what the doctor ordered.  Heck, even… 0 Shares |