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Brian Eckert is a consumer activist and wellness writer. He has been writing about BigPharma and medical device companies for more than a decade and aims to empower people to make better healthcare decisions by sharing his knowledge. www.classaction.com

Bayer and Monsanto Push Seeds, Chemicals, and Disinformation

More than a year has passed since Bayer announced a Monsanto takeover that would give the German company control over roughly one-quarter of the world’s seeds and pesticides. Concerned observers understand that a Bayer-Monsanto megacorporation spells trouble for farmers, consumers,… 0 Shares |

Lack of Opioid Safety, Effectiveness Pave Way for Cannabis as Chronic Pain Treatment

Medical marijuana’s acceptance as a legitimate treatment for chronic pain may be reaching a tipping point. Approximately 100 million Americans—one third of the U.S. population—lives with chronic pain. Around 25 million have moderate to severe chronic pain that limits activities… 0 Shares |